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Online Video Module #1: An overview of the history and theoretical understanding regarding the field of auriculotherapy is outlined in order to gain a broader perspective of the field of auriculotherapy.

Online Video Module #2: Anatomical structures of the external ear are examined in order to facilitate the localization of ear reflex points, dividing the external ear into different regions and numerical auricular zones.

Online Video Module #3: Auricular diagnosis and auriculotherapy treatment procedures are demonstrated in order to facilitate adept skills in the clinical practice of auriculotherapy.

Online Video Module #4: Master points on the auricle are effective for alleviation many clinical conditions and are utilized in the treatment of a variety of clinical conditions. The anatomical location and clinical function of the auricle will be highlighted.

Online Video Module #5: Musculoskeletal parts of the body, such as the head, spine, upper arm, and lower leg, are evaluated in relationship to their somatotopic representations on the external ear.

Online Video Module #6: Internal visceral organs, such as the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, liver, and kidneys are represented in deeper regions of the auricle.

Online Video Module #7: The nervous system and the endocrine system are described where they exhibit somatotopic representation on the auricle as they affect neuroendocrine, clinical disorders

Online Video Module #8: Representation of the three embryological tissue layers are examined with regard to three different regions of the auricle and identification of the three Nogier Phases of somatotopic correspondence.

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